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Today's job search is vastly different. 

It's highly nuanced, specialized and digitized. 


The rules are different. 


Therefore, your job search strategy needs to be aligned with the changes in the market today in order to achieve the results you want. 


Why does PSG's approach produce better results than the competition?  


Because my approach is street smart and highly personalized; based not only on today's best branding and job search practices, but also integrated with insight gleaned as a corporate/agency recruiter and headhunter.  

This is a critical differentiating factor.

My approach is not built on a structure of filling out static questionnaires that often fail to get to the "heart of the matter;"  but built on a personal branding journey and coaching foundation that is highly holistic, intuitive, and customized to meet your needs - digging deeper to help you understand and own your unique value proposition in the market - in a way that you had not viewed your background before.

Additionally, as someone who has been in the trenches, I saw first-hand what goes on behind the scenes in the recruitment process.

This gives me an insider's perspective.  


Because of this experience, I can educate you on where you are "missing the mark," and advise on specific strategies that will work to get you the results you want. 


To date, I have worked with >2,000 clients across the U.S. and Canada. 

During this time, I witnessed how many job seekers approach today's market with outdated strategies, a confusing and generic message, a lack of clarity in understanding what they want to create, and limited know-how to effectively navigate today's highly digitized recruitment world to land the opportunities that would be most fulfilling to them. 

By working directly with me (and not someone I subcontract the work to), you will get an insider's perspective and the guidance you need to realign and re-brand your offer in the market, understand and powerfully articulate your unique value proposition, successfully penetrate the hidden job market, and accelerate your job search land the opportunity that fits your needs at this juncture in your career.