Is it tailored specifically to the opportunity and industry you are pursuing; keyword-optimized to get picked up in an ATS (Applicant Tracking System); relevant to what the recruiter/hiring manager needs to know about you; and designed in a format that is visually eye-catching and has key points "popping" out to catch the hiring manager's eye? 

Does it clearly communicate your unique value proposition (UVP) in your market?  Are you clear on what your UVP is?  i.e. Why should the employer hire YOU over a competing candidate? 

If not, then contact me ... for I can help.  


I have strategically developed over 2,000 resumes to date for job seekers across the U.S. and Canada, across all industries, and look forward to helping you in your job search. 

By working with me, you have chosen to partner with a firm that will provide you personalized, high-touch, 1-on-1 consultation to help you clearly define your direction and alignment in the market; understand and brand your unique value proposition; and  develop a compelling marketing strategy, as well as deliverables needed, to truly support you in your search. 

Remember, you've got 6 SECONDS to catch the recruiter's eye to decide if s/he wants to read more, and then determine if you are a viable candidate of choice for the opportunity.  


 Does your resume past the test? 

Vice President, Customer Experience - Retail | Consumer Goods 

Chief Learning Officer | Hospitality 

Chief Financial Officer & Controller | Private Equity

Chief Sales Officer | Enterprise Solutions

Executive Vice President | Hospitality & Retail Real Estate 

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Competition is fierce at the executive level.


Understanding and clearly communicating your unique value proposition and "sweet spot" in the market, as well as responding to the trends in the hiring market impacting your industry and functional area - are key to landing that next opportunity that provides the challenges and compensation you seek, and the opportunity to build and inspire.

*All client/company names have been fictionalized to protect client confidentiality. 

President | Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer | Retail 

Global Sales Executive | Emerging Technology Markets

General Manager | Disruptive Technology & Emerging Markets

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One of the common areas Aspiring Professionals struggle with is to  convey to the hiring manager that "Yes!" they are ready to take it to the next level.  


Their resumes and interview answers are filled with a litany of language that sounds like a rambling (and boring) laundry list of activities focused on the tactical minutiae (vs. strategy), and who they "use" to be  (vs. the leader that they've become). 

*All client/company names have been fictionalized to protect client confidentiality. 

Marketing, Innovation & Product Development Leadership | Retail