Former Headhunter and Recruiter ...with a gift for marketing talent.

How can I empower you as you head into the job market?

I am an award-winning résumé writer, branding strategist, and the founder and principal of Piper Strategy Group, a career management consulting firm committed to revolutionizing the way job seekers approach their job search by coaching them on today's best tools, strategies, and revamped mentality needed to thrive—and survive—in today’s new and challenging job market landscape.


As a former recruiter and headhunter, I leverage my recruitment experience to provide behind-the-scenes insight to my clients on recruitment practices, stigmas and nuances that directly impact (and impede) their existing job search strategy. From there, I coach clients on how to best position and realign themselves in the market. 


As a job search and interview coach, I delight in empowering job seekers. Leveraging my recruitment perspective, I am able to help clients understand their unique value proposition in the market and how to align their offer to relevant, targeted opportunities. I then coach clients on how to powerfully articulate and differentiate their offer in the marketplace. 


My approach is direct, intuitive, and supportive. I am known for providing realistic, hard-hitting feedback and strategic consultation that has delivered tremendous results for clients ...where other coaching and job search systems had failed to produce. 


In recent years, I have been asked to present as a keynote speaker for the Alliance for Women in Media, Boston Herald's Diversity Career Fair, JobFox and Fox 25 News, where I delivered insights on today's best job search strategies. 


I hold a B.S. in Business Administration from Northeastern University, where I graduated cum laude, and have completed additional studies in public relations, direct marketing, branding, and copywriting at esteemed institutions here in Boston. 

I leverage this deep understanding of branding and marketing strategy, coupled with earlier Fortune 500 and recruiting experience, and ongoing training in skills assessment and job search strategy, to help my clients succeed in today's market.

Industry Affiliations, Certifications, & Awards:

Speaking Engagements | Keynotes:

Featured Speaker for JobFox's "Get Back to Work" Series, Presented to >2,500 Job Seekers across the U.S.


 Experienced in Branding Talent across the U.S. & Canada:

Powerful, Relevant Experience and Background that Delivers Targeted Results for Clients


Dedicated 1:1 Personalized Support: 

You work directly with me through all steps of the process. 

Proprietary Methodology: 

That has proven to yield better results faster and more efficiently for clients.

Providing deep experience across a wide spectrum of business functions, 

serving >2,000 clients in the U.S. and Canada across a diverse range of industries:  

  • Technology, IT, Cloud, Big Data, Analytics, Digital Transformation 

  • Six Sigma, Lean, Process and Operational Excellence 

  • Oil & Gas, Energy, Manufacturing, R&D

  • Health Care and Pharmaceutical 

  • Consumer Goods, Retail, & Apparel

  • Hospitality

  • Media & Entertainment

  • Private Equity, Venture Capital, & Start-up

  • Consulting, Professional, & Advisory Services

  • Education, Non-profit, and Social Enterprises

Strong business acumen with an extensive background in the psychology of marketing, branding, & recruitment: 

  • Former Agency Headhunter / Corporate Recruiter 

  • Fortune 500 and Start-up Experience

  • B.S. degree in Business Administration

  • Graduate Coursework in Public Relations

  • Coursework in Direct Marketing and Copywriting

  • Ongoing Development on Today's Best Practices in Personal Branding and Job Search Strategy 

Ongoing commitment to your success: 

Lifetime Passion for the "Art & Science" of Marketing, 

Branding, and Personal Empowerment. 


Commitment to Integrity and Ensuring Your Success. 

Simplified Process

Finally, a Branding Process that gets to the "Heart of the Matter."

The Branding Process I utilize is simple and direct to ensure you are not burdened with cumbersome questionnaires. 


In leveraging a proprietary methodology that I developed, we are able to streamline the strategic branding journey to provide powerful results, and a better experience for you. 


Effective personal branding and marketing is always the result of a strong partnership. 

Each project and client is unique. 

​I rely on my partnership with you to gather what is needed to produce the best results for you. 

Without your active participation in the process, we will not be successful in producing the results you desire.


First, we schedule a 20-minute phone call to discuss your needs and challenges to the market in more depth - and determine if we are a good fit. 



Next, we schedule the Intake Call. 


No cumbersome questionnaires to fill out in this process. 

Instead, I have you reflect on a list of proprietary questions that I have developed that get to the "heart of the matter," and then we connect for the Intake Call to dig deep and further discuss. 

Just as a note: In working with 2,000 clients to date, I've found that the "magic" always comes out during this call, and not with some static, form-filling process.


Following the Intake Call, Aspiring Professional-level résumé drafts are delivered within 5 - 7 business days, with Executive-level drafts delivered in 7 - 10 days due to the heightened level of complexity involved. 

​LinkedIn and additional branding document drafts are delivered within  5 - 7 business days following receipt of your initial feedback on the résumé. 

Once we have established a good grounding on your unique value proposition from this process (the Intake Call and first drafts), we can then begin coaching and preparing you for interviews, negotiations and networking.  

The "magic" always begins here. It is the foundation for everything we do to best support you in your search. 

* There are times when I can accommodate a request for a rush turn around. Please contact me to discuss. 



A successful, targeted job search requires more than just an outstanding résumé. 


To ensure you are on solid footing as you head into the market, I offer additional services. 

Please refer to the Services page of the website to learn more. 

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Holistic Methodology that Gets Better Results

Highly Personalized and Holistic Methodology ...that Works.

Piper Strategy's methodology is comprehensive and holistic; drawing out compelling, deeper insights regarding your unique value  proposition in today's market ...that often you may not have been aware of. 


As a result of this, upon completion of this process, not only will you have powerful new branding documents to go to market with, but also laser-focused insights that can be leveraged when interviewing, networking and negotiating salary ...providing a heightened level of confidence, clarity and empowerment in your job search.



Clarity is critical. 

Throughout this process, you will continue to gain a clearer understanding of "what is next" for you.  This is paramount in building a solid foundation for a successful job search. 



What makes your offer unique in the market? Do you know?

Through our work together, you will gain new insight and clarity in knowing (and owning) your unique value proposition, giving you a completely different perspective and level of confidence as you head into the market. 

By utilizing highly strategic "storytelling," I craft your branding documents in a manner that compels your targeted market to reach out to you for a deeper conversation and interview. 



What is most important and relevant to your targeted market? 


Do you know?

By leveraging a highly strategic approach to placement of these compelling stories, we are able to capture the attention of your targeted reader within that critical first 6-second glance. 


You have your new résumé in hand what? 


A truly effective job search requires more than just an outstanding résumé. 

Through our work together, you  learn how to tap into the hidden job market for faster and better results; how to perfect your interview strategy; how to proactively handle compensation conversations ...and much, much more.



To ensure you are set up for success, Piper Strategy offers several additional services and programs:


  • Interview & Salary Negotiation Coaching


  • Job Search Strategy Consultation


  • Coaching on How to Penetrate the Hidden Job Market 


  • Recruiter, Private Equity & Venture Capital Résumé Distribution 


  • Company Research 

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Proven Results


Piper Strategy is committed to revolutionizing the way job seekers approach their job search, resulting in better results for our clients.