• Increased CAGR 2% to 5%




Who can be an entrepreneur?

There’s always a bigger story - that is not being told.

Traditionally trained RW (and even certified RW) tend to miss the bigger picture - because they don’t dive deeper, they don’t understand the business, they can make the resume look “good” and convincing by utilizing certain design techniques

However, this can hurt the client by doing this

I always dig deeper to uncover the bigger picture, the bigger stake, the bigger impact—-a couple key example that come mediately to mind are below — sharing, to help you better understand:


















Maintained 3% - 5% CAGR.  (CARA)



Listed as a standalone.



Without digging deeper, and asking questions, a traditionally trained RW may “Oh good, a metric!” and front-load AND bold the bullet—without understand the deeper context, and essentially hurting the client.

I asked, “walk me through this—is this considered a good, strong metric in your industry? Is this considered high performing?”

“Oh no! Absolutely not. However, what this IS about is this….”

My jaw dropped. I couldn’t believe it: the TRUE story and context of what was unfolding during our call, and WHY this would even be moderately important to list out.

But WIHOUT the context, and if I had just bolded and front-loaded this---I would have been hurting my client.

Within the first 6 seconds, jump to a conclusion that she is an average (or clueless?) performer.

This is what this became:

We successfully pulled in this story into her resume—setting up


So, does all this mean that millennials can’t be entrepreneurs? Of course not! A success story like Mark Zuckerberg is testament enough to that. But it does mean that simply having the mindset or calling yourself and entrepreneur is not enough.

You have to actually do the thing.

The good news is anyone can be an entrepreneur—from millennials to baby boomers—if they’re willing to put in the work. Each have their own strengths to bring to the table, and each have their own things to learn along the way.