As your partner in branding, I will ensure that you have a winning resume that speaks directly to your targeted audience.


But then what?

To ensure that you are set up for success, I have partnered with my colleague, Mary Elizabeth Bradford, to offer a trusted and award-winning resource: The Job-Search Success System.


With a branding platform provided from Piper Strategy, coupled with the 10-step system provided by Mary Elizabeth, you will have a system that guides you through all steps of a successful job search, including how to access the hidden job market, how to answer sticky interview questions, and more.

Here’s how The Job-Search Success System works:

As soon as you join, you will have immediate access to Mary Elizabeth’s powerful 10-step system, which includes the following:

  • Your 10 Steps to Career Success Blueprint. The core and foundation of your success, these 10 steps will help you easily outline your job search goals and strategies. In conjunction with our work together, this exercise will help you get crystal clear on where you are going and what you need to do to get there.

  • 14 Modules Containing 20- 40-Minute Prerecorded, Downloadable Audio Coaching Calls on HOT Topics.  You will have access to multiple step-by-step coaching audios and corresponding tip sheets and worksheets that are yours to download and keep in your business library so you can utilize them throughout your career.


From these modules, you will be able to refine and accelerate your job search by learning how to: easily set up a turnkey job search strategy to find positions perfect for you in a current or new industry, tap into the hidden job market, utilize Internet techniques to research companies and industries, overcome job search challenges, and much more.


These modules contain powerful insights, strategies, and step-by-step instructions on how to overcome job search challenges; the same strategies I’ve been coaching hundreds of professionals on who went on to achieve career success!

Modules include:

  • Quickstart Guide

  • Module One: Create Your Career Plan: Get Focused on Your Branding, Goals, and Job Search Strategy

  • Module Two:  The Secrets to Tapping into the Hidden Job Market

  • Module Three:  Social Networking Job Search Techniques

  • Module Four:  Ace Your Interviews & Salary Negotiation: How to Discuss Money at Every Stage of Your Job Interview

  • Module Five:  Networking and How to Apply it to Your Job Search

  • Module Six: Working with Executive Recruiters

  • Module Seven: The Benefits of Associations in Your Job Search and Career

  • Module Eight:  Time Saving Tips To Manage Your Job Search

  • Module Nine: Executive Job Search Strategies

  • Module Ten:  Build a Results-Producing Resume and the Most Powerful Cover Letters on the Planet

  • Module Eleven:  How to Get and Use References

  • Module Twelve:  Use Social Networking in Your Job Search & Optimize LinkedIn to Pull Career Opportunities to You

  • Module Thirteen: Troubleshooting: Overcoming Job Search Challenges

  • Module Fourteen:  Job Search Etiquette: Tips, Scripts, and Strategies for Following Up with Key Decision Makers

  • Custom Templates, Worksheets, and Phone Scripts. These are batched with your audios to make sure everything provided for you is easy to use and ultra-effective.


Plus a Special Bonus!

Mary Elizabeth Bradford’s Entire Series of Bestselling E-books on Amazon:

The Hidden Job Market
The 21st Century Resume
Phone Networking Secrets Revealed
Interview Follow Up Tips, Scripts & Letter Templates

Gain the competitive edge and accelerate your job search with the AWARD-WINNING


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