The Art of Clear Messaging

Why you want to be sure to send clear messaging regarding what you WANT.

The art of clear messaging will dynamically assist in attracting the right opportunities to you, and positioning you as a candidate of choice -- for the types of opportunities YOU WANT.

1st Step:


Step 1:

Clarity is paramount to a highly successful job search.


What do you want?


Want DON'T you want moving forward?

2nd Step:

Market Alignment

3rd Step:

Branding &


Step 2:

Once you have Clarity, we then decide:

Where are you likely to get your best traction in the marketplace?


  • Who is your audience in this "best case" scenario?

  • In other words, exactly WHO are we targeting?

  • What do they care about?

  • What are their most pressing pain points?

  • How does your offer and strengths play to that audience and those specific pain points?

Heading 1

Step 3:

Once you have market alignment, we then decide: How do you want to be branded?


  • Which of the opportunities identified in Step 2 speak to you the most at this juncture in your career?

  • Do you want to move forward with a 2-prong approach, therefore requiring 2 versions of your resume?

  • Which option is #1? Which option is #2?

  • And, based on those choices...

  • What is your best go-to-market strategy to employ so that you will not be spinning your wheels?


Sending the Wrong Message