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To precisely align with your target market, and make a statement about how you can solve their most pressing challenges.

Does your résumé make the cut?

Or, there a disconnect?


Changing the Game in Personal Branding

Piper Strategy is a boutique career management and personal branding consulting firm (e.g. we provide consultation and development of career marketing materials to support transitions in your career), committed to revolutionizing the way job seekers approach their job search by coaching them on today's best tools, strategies, and revamped mentality needed to thrive—and survive—in today’s new and challenging job market landscape.


Leveraging a longstanding passion for marketing, branding, and empowering talentcoupled with a relentless advocacy for supporting individuals to achieve their true full potential I launched this firm in 2010. 

The company was built on very specific principles: 

  • Integrity

  • Authenticity

  • Commitment to Your Success 

  • Dedication to Quality vs. Quantity 

  • Commitment to Excellence 

  • Fierce Focus on Strategy, Outcomes, & Your ROI

I work 1:1 directly with my clients, and do not outsource any of my engagements at this time. This decision was deliberately made to maintain the highest-level of quality and personalized attention needed to ensure each client's success. 

If this sounds to you like we might be a good fit, then reach out to me to get the conversation started. 

I look forward to working with you, and supporting you in attaining your goals. 

Shelly Piper

Founder and Principal, Piper Strategy



I have seen what goes on behind the scenes first-hand when identifying talent for the interview process.

I've scoured LinkedIn and other online platforms in the hunt for the right candidate, and know how recruiters source talent, create Boolean string searches (advanced search engine techniques) to find  talent, and make decisions on which  candidates they call for the opportunity.

I bring this insider perspective to the table every single time when working with my clients.


Conducting a "check the box" exercise and utilizing a stagnant, outdated questionnaire process when developing a client's brand strategy and materials

is not in my DNA.

After working closely 1:1 with 2,500+ professionals to date, I know that this doesn't work.

In our work together, you will be led through a dynamic and insightful consultation that entails 1-2 phone calls with me, coupled with a proprietary process I developed that will enable us to laser-focus your brand, bring your career story to life, and speak powerfully to your targeted audience to position you as the candidate of choice for the positions you WANT at this stage in your career.



Integrity, is at the foundation of my business, and one of the core founding principles.

I might not always tell you what you want to hear, but I would only be doing you a disservice if I was not honest with you about how the market works, and where you will get your best traction.

Having actually been in the trenches as a recruiter and headhunter, I bring a completely different lens to your search and branding than a traditionally trained resume writer. 


This is a huge distinction.

Integrity also means that if I feel I am not the best fit for you,  I will tell you, and guide you to someone who may be a better fit for your project.

I only work in disciplines where I have experience in, as I respect how complex our world is today.